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Top Five Heavyweight Boxers of All-Time

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Boxing is a beloved sport around the world because of the dedication and training it takes to compete at a high level. Another great thing about boxing is that it is open to people of all sizes. While every weight class is enjoyable to watch, there is something particularly special about seeing the big heavyweights battle it out in the ring. These are the five best heavyweight boxers of all-time.

  1. George Foreman

The dangerous nature of boxing often forces fighters to retire at a young age, but George Foreman was an unstoppable force in the ring for nearly 30 years. Foreman’s lengthy career was possible due to his ability to end the fight at any moment with one punch. This impressive power helped him win the heavyweight title at the age of 45, which is a record that will likely never get broken.

  1. Jack Johnson

A lot of novice boxing fans have probably never heard of Jack Johnson, but he is unquestionably one of the greatest the sport has ever seen. Johnson was the first heavyweight to use finesse and quickness to his advantage. He also inspired men throughout the world by becoming the first black heavyweight champion after winning the title in 1908.

  1. Rocky Marciano

Despite retiring over 60 years ago, Rocky Marciano is still the only heavyweight championship to finish his career with an undefeated record. Rocky Marciano lacked the size and power of most great boxers, but he had an undeniable will to win every time he stepped in the ring.

  1. Joe Louis

Joe Louis was one of the toughest men to ever step foot inside a boxing ring, which help him secure 54 of his 68 wins by knockout. Joe Louis held the heavyweight title for nearly 12 straight years after winning 25 consecutive title defences. Both are records for the heavyweight division.

  1. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is widely considered the best heavyweight boxer of all-time, but he also may be the best athlete the sport has ever seen. Ali had a combination of elusive quickness and devastating power that the sport had never seen. Ali faced the toughest competition of any boxers in the sport’s history, but that did not stop him from tailing 56 victories and three championships.

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