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15 Best Martial Artists in Marvel Comics

by Andy Britnell

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Who said you had to have psychic powers and ungodly strength to be a superhero? These guys can kick butt – even without superpowers! We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 most incredible martial artists the Marvel universe has to offer (in no particular order)!


In spite of Hollywood’s berserker depiction of Wolverine, he has undergone training in several types of combat. He has even mastered the art of pressure points, making him even more devastating in combat.


Archery is considered to be a martial art, so it’s easy to see why this hero made the list. This Avenger had his start as a reluctant villain and is known for his catty sense of humour and amazing array of arrows.


Laura Kinney, Wolverine’s female clone, was raised from infancy to fight just like her ‘Daddy’. This fighting machine later takes her father’s place as Wolverine.

Black Panther

Already the epitome of human potential thanks to a speciality herb that may only be consumed by the regent of Wakanda, Black Panther has mastered many African martial arts.

Captain America (Steve Rogers)

This super-soldier was trained in several combat arts – including martial arts. His speciality is Judo.


After her father was murdered, her brother insisted that she train in the martial arts. That’s what led Electra to China, where she was trained by Stick.

Shang Chi

Perhaps you’ve heard of Fu Manchu? What about his son, Shang Chi? Trained from birth by various senseis as well as his father, this kid was destined to be a grand martial artist.


Another reformed villain makes the list with Echo. This deaf heroine was groomed by Fisk to take out Daredevil until she discovered that Fisk was actually behind the murder. Now she fights for good.


Tony Masters, AKA Taskmaster, can mimic any style of fighting as long as he observes it. This automatically means that he makes the list, based solely on the opponents that he’s faced.


Georges Batroc, AKA Batroc the Leaper, mastered the most brutal art of kickboxing known as Savate. This Captain America villain definitely deserves a place on this list.

The Cat

This freelancer is more than just a spy – he’s a master of kung fu. His moral ambiguity often leads him to either side of the law.

Iron Fist

Danny Rand was apprenticed to Lei Kung, known as The Thunderer. He is a master of several forms of martial arts to the point that he can heal his body at a super fast rate.

Moon Knight

Though this hero does have superhuman strength during different parts of the lunar cycle, he’s also highly trained and his martial arts skills are incredibly reliable when it comes to a fight.


Unlike most of his race, Karnak never took on the process of Terrigenesis, so his abilities are wholly his own. However, he spent years mastering control of both is body and mind.


Trained by her father Thanos from infancy to be ‘the most dangerous woman in the universe’, Gamora doesn’t need superpowers to kick a** and take names.

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